NZ Samsung Galaxy S5 plans compared

Want to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5 without paying the full $1050 asking price upfront? New Zealand’s mobile phone carriers have a range of plans that could get the Android phone into your paws if you commit to a monthly plan.

I’m not usually a fan of buying phones on contract. I prefer to put my money down on the hardware and have the freedom to buy the best services at the best price. However, that’s not everyone’s way of operating, particularly for phones costing more than $1000.

In the past users have often ended up effectively paying a premium price for phones purchased on contracts. That’s not necessarily  the case anymore. Take 2degrees $199 down followed by 24 months at $99 plan. The plan offers the same calling and data deal as the company’s bring-your-own-phone $69 plan. In effect this prices the Galaxy S5 at $999 — cheaper than buying it outright.

Here I’ve drawn up a comparison chart of the plans on offer from Vodafone, Telecom NZ and 2degrees.

The cheapest deal is Telecom NZ’s $649 down, then $49 a month for a total commitment of $1825.

I recommend checking reception where you live, work and play before switching to another carrier with one of these plans. You might also want to think about how many calls and data you make at the moment and how this might change if you get a newer, more powerful phone. Carriers are unlikely to complain if you want to move up to a more expensive plan, but choosing one to get a bigger upfront discount on the Galaxy S5 can be a false economy.

It’s also worth taking into account the various benefits the carriers offer. Vodafone and 2degrees offer HD voice calls while Telecom NZ has an extensive Wi-Fi network.

Carrier Upfront Monthly Minutes Data GB Extra minutes Total cost
Telecom 649 49 300 1.00 69 1825
Telecom 449 69 500 1.25 69 2105
Telecom 229 99 unlimited 1.50 69 2605
Telecom 0 139 unlimited 3.00 69 3336
Vodafone 649 69 500 1.25 n/a 2305
Vodafone 199 99 unlimited 1.50 n/a 2575
Vodafone 0 129 unlimited 2.50 n/a 3096
Vodafone 0 169 unlimited 4.00 n/a 4056
2degrees 199 99 unlimited 1.5 n/a 2575
2degrees 0 119 unlimited 2.5 n/a 2856
2degrees 0 149 unlimited 3.50 n/a 3576

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  1. With Vodafone you can trade in your s3 and get the s5 on the $99 plan with no upfront cost..

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