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Bill Bennett


A Huawei thought

Navigating the Huawei story is one of the toughest jobs in technology journalism at the moment.

There are many facts and statements, lots of suppositions swirling around, but no smoking guns, no hard evidence of wrong doing. 

Huawei may have a case to answer, but that question is almost submerged now.

A lot of damage is already done, not just to Huawei but to supply chains as well. I can’t ever remember seeing a company taken down like this before.

One danger is that it could have created a precedent. Who might be next?



5 thoughts on “A Huawei thought

  1. Such trade wars have been going on for a long time:


    Huawei is just the name that’s been mostly associated with this one. The question we have now is if its going to escalate into a shooting war as most, if not all, have done before.

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