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Bill Bennett


Ad-blocking hurts

Bad advertisements make me wish I used ad-blocking.

Noisy online advertisements wake up my sleepy family, disturb co-workers or interfere with telephone calls.

Thanks to them, I switch off my computer speakers. That means I miss useful audio cues.

An ad-blocker might be a handy way of dealing with video commercials and annoying animated advertisements that dance across the screen.

But I’m not going to block ads

Advertising pays for the best stuff online. Without online advertising, we would have to pay for everything we read, hear or see on the Internet.

There’s nothing illegal or immoral about blocking ads. Ad-blocking isn’t killing the internet.

But it is damaging. It means publishers invest less in writers and other media. It means there are fewer jobs.

I’m a journalist. I earn a living because people pay me to produce words.

There are three ways I can get paid:

  1. Commissioning: People pay me directly to write.
  2. Copy sales: Readers buy a print publication or subscribe to an online title or go through a paywall.
  3. Advertising: Advertisers pay me when somebody reads my words and, at the same time, looks at an advertisement.

If you want to read online and you block ads, then subscribe to online paywall sites or start commissioning copy because these are the only two options over the long-term.



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