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3 thoughts on “Android winners and losers

  1. This is so so similar to the ‘WinTel’ world of the 90’s you just change the names around!
    Who even remembers the names of the PC vendors who have nearly all vanished?
    The winner of course is google because the business of selling eyeballs is eating the advertising market and Androids main purpose is delivering eyeballs!
    Microsoft never had a business plan so successful or dominant!
    It really is about the 2 mega ecosystems the ‘i’ (insert noun of choice) and ‘Google’ World, they are much smarter and they have created really ‘sticky’ revenue streams.
    Its both fun and frustrating to watch as I think once you have enough ‘invested’ in either ecosystem I think getting divorced looks less painful than switching

  2. Makes sense given that the big inflow into Huawei can also be attributed to the Nexus 6P and 5X which are some of the best Android phones on the market – Vanilla Android, regular updates, gorgeous design and a good price point. The big move from HTC to Samsung probably has more to do with the fact that the last M8 and M9 have been woeful when compared to what Samsung has and Sony losing ground because of financial woes with consumers avoiding companies in financial troubles (like HTC too).

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