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Bill Bennett


Apple iPod Touch: Cheaper, more colours

Apple refreshed the iPod Touch overnight. There are new colours and updated features. A new 16GB model brings the starting prices for the classy solid-state music players down to NZ$279. Although 16GB seems tiny compared with the storage on iPod Classic models.

iPod Touch now includes a five megapixel rear camera as well as front-facing camera for online chatting. The colour range is now pink, yellow, blue, silver, space gray and (PRODUCT) RED.

iPod Touch like a tiny iPad

In some ways the Touch is like a nano-iPad, it runs iOS 7 can handle many apps and has a Retina display.

It’s interesting to see Apple sticking with the iPod. The devices get little attention from the media and yet they remain one of the company’s greatest successes — Apple has sold more than 100 million iPods.

Now that smartphones are everywhere, the market for stand-alone music players is falling. However, I like to keep a copy of my music collection separate from my phone, partly for convenience and partly because I’m running up against the 64GB limit on the iPhone 5S.



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