Any advantage Apple’s iPhone may have over a similarly priced Android handset is immaterial – at least in my life. The iPhone 4S may be technically superior, I don’t care.

My working life doesn’t revolve around my mobile, if it did, I’d probably feel otherwise.

Tablet are another story. I’ve seen dozens of Android tablets, none come close to the Apple iPad 2.

Cheap and nasty Android tablets

Most Android tablets look and feel cheap and nasty from the outset. Even those from big brand names. I’m looking at you Dell, Lenovo and Acer. I’m not surprised Dell has already killed its grotty Streak tablet.

A handful are as elegant as the iPad 2. When I first saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 I was impressed. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer also caught my attention.

Tablet looks aren’t everything

From the moment you start using an Android tablet the difference is clear. Apple’s software is vastly better in every department. Android doesn’t come close.

The gap widens when you need to connect to a PC or use online services. ITunes doesn’t play nicely with a Windows PC, but the experience is better than connecting an Android device.

Specs and apps, red herrings

Android tablet makers boast about their hardware specifications. Who cares? They completely miss the point. Faster speed, more processors, pixels or gigabytes count for nothing when the user experience is distinctly second-rate.

A lot of commentators get excited about the size of the Apple and Android app stores. I only use a handful of applications, the other million or so on offer are of little interest. The Apple applications I use are, on the whole, better than their Android counterparts and better integrated.

All this means I’m starting to question my phone choice and for that matter my PC choice. If the iPad is so far in front of every other tablet, maybe I should just throw my lot in with Apple for the rest of my technology needs.

3 thoughts on “Where Apple trumps Android

  1. Good riddance 😉
    But seriously, I went the other way. When I moved away from Apple and went to Android I felt such freedom.

    • Freedom is a good thing when it works. Android tablet software works only in the strictest sense of the word. It really isn’t worth the effort.

      I don’t think this applies on Android phones any more – two years ago they didn’t really work either.

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