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Where Apple is miles ahead of Android

Apple's iPhone may or may not be better than Android phones. The iPhone 4S looks to be technically superior, but it comes at a higher price. Many Android owners will argue their choice offers more features or some other advantage over the competition. 

It’s a debate. There is no definitive answer that suits every phone user. 

Tablets are another story. There are dozens of Android tablets, none come even remotely close to the Apple iPad 2.

Cheap and nasty Android tablets

Most Android tablets look and feel cheap and nasty from the outset. Even those from big brand names, including Dell, Lenovo and Acer. It’s not surprising that Dell has already killed its grotty Streak tablet. It was embarrassing. 

A handful of Android tablets are as elegant as the iPad 2 on the outside. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks impressive. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is also attention grabbing. 

Tablet looks aren't everything

From the moment you start using an Android tablet the difference is clear. Apple's software is vastly better in every department. Android is miles behind.

The gap widens further when you need to connect to a PC or use online services. ITunes doesn't always play nice with a Windows PC, but the experience is way better than connecting an Android device.

Specs and apps, red herrings

Android tablet makers boast about their hardware specifications. Who cares? They completely miss the point. Faster speed, more processors, pixels or gigabytes count for nothing when the user experience is distinctly second-rate.

A lot of commentators get excited about the size of the Apple and Android app stores. 

Who cares that Android has more apps? Most are rubbish. 

We only use a handful of applications, the other million or so on offer are of little interest. Apple applications are, on the whole, better quality than their Android counterparts. They are better integrated into the iPad’s iOS operating system.

All this means people might start to question their phone choice or, for that matter, their laptop or desktop computer choice. If the iPad is so far in front of every other tablet, maybe it would be smart to throw your lot with Apple and embrace the company’s walled garden for the rest of your technology needs.