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Bill Bennett


Blackberry deathwatch

Can it only be two years since I considered buying a Blackberry?

Thankfully I didn’t waste my money. Apparently lots of other people also decided to not buy Blackberries. So many made the same decision that it can’t be long before the company drops off the perch.

At the time, the Blackberry looked like a realistic way of owning a phone that could do email. Briefly it looked like it was the most realistic, but that passed when I realised New Zealanders buying the phone for personal use had to pay extra – I recall it being a lot extra – to get the company’s email service.

Blackberry had a lot going for it. It did email when other phones didn’t. At the time I started shopping for a smarter phone Android was new and horribly bug-ridden. The phones weren’t tempting.

The iPhone was an option, I came close to buying one, but took a test-drive of Apple’s first phone and, unlike most other journalists I wasn’t smitten.

For me the Blackberry’s biggest draw card was the tiny qwerty keyboard. I’ve been a touch typist for so long this appealed to me, a short test drive with a review phone soon showed me the keyboard looked more promising than it was in practice.

My decision was to hold off buying a smartphone. I think it was wise.

Blackberry’s decision not to revamp its product line and reinvent its value proposition was less wise. I doubt the company can make it to the end of 2012.



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