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My books listed on Google Books

30 years ago I co-wrote The Usborne guide to understanding the micro. The title has been out of print for a generation. I was surprised to find it listed at Google Books.

My book also still on sale at Amazon.com. Mind you, the sellers don’t want much for it.

The Usborne guide was my first book and, in sales terms the most successful although not the most lucrative. I can’t find any evidence but remember it featured on some best-seller lists and total sales ran to hundreds of thousands. If you know, please get in touch.

Usborne translated the book into a number of other languages including German. The cover of that version is below and, sigh, doesn’t feature my name. I remember there were other language versions, I spotted one in a shop somewhere in Spain. There were at least three reprints of the English edition.

Oddly the picture shown at Google Books isn’t the cover but the title page from inside the book.

Usborne Guide To Understanding The Micro

My other books haven’t fared so well . And as for this one from 1984. I wrote it under the pseudonym Gordon Davis after I saw a player with the same name score a goal for Chelsea one weekend. For some reason Google added the word ‘Bitter’ in the name. I’m not sure what that’s about.



2 thoughts on “My books listed on Google Books

  1. OMG! I had that book. In fact it was one of the reasons I got into computers back when the BBC Micro, ZX-81 et al ruled the world! Without that book I may never have got into the wonderful world of IT. Thanks Bill

  2. Wow, that stirred some memories. I don’t think I actually owned that book but I certainly remember going to the Hamilton public library and reading it over and over. I had a ZX-81 or perhaps a Spectrum by then and devoured every title I could get my hand on. Certainly an influence over the rest of my life, – thanks Bill.

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