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BYOD won’t be a problem for long

Everybody in the business IT world is talking about BYOD. Bring-your-own-device is what happens when companies allow or even encourage employees to choose their own workplace computers, phones or tablets.

BYOD can cause headaches for companies and CIOs, not least because of the cost of supporting dozens of different devices, multiple operating systems, hundreds of apps and so on.

And then there are the BYOD security issues.

A session by Cisco’s Vaughan Klein at Gen-i’s recent IP Voice seminar gave the best explanation of why these problems are transitory.

Klein says BYOD will soon give way to bring-your-own-application and that in turn will give way to bring-your-own-browser.

Before long web browsers will deliver just about every business computer application – this includes the heavyweight suites from companies like Oracle and SAP. When that happens the support and security burden on companies will ease considerably.