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New Zealand’s export-quality cloud code

Are you sure you don't mean clown tech?
Are you sure you don’t mean clown tech?

Despite what some overseas sites report, New Zealand is ahead of Australia when it comes to developing a cloud code.

Indeed, the code developed by New Zealand’s Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) could end up as the template for Australian and many other countries. That’s because the IITP has re-worked the code in ways that make it easier for others to adopt or adapt. It could even form the basis of a globally accepted cloud code.

Cloud code defines technology

One of the key points in the code is a formal description of cloud computing:

On-demand scalable resources such as networks, servers and applications which are provided as a service, are accessible by the end user and can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal effort or service provider interaction.

Not much ambiguity there.

New Zealand punches above its weight when it comes to cloud computing, the size and shape of our technology market is perfectly suited for everything-as-a-service. Business and government here are far more taken with the idea than, say, their Australian counterparts.

We have a few issues, a single pipe to the rest of the world, but overall we’re ahead of this curve. Exporting our cloud code won’t earn much money, at least not directly, but it will raise our profile as an inventive, pioneering nation. And the more of that, the better. 



2 thoughts on “New Zealand’s export-quality cloud code

  1. It will also, with wide adoption and several groups working on it, bring up with it the quality of any businesses’ services using it. Things like these I am very happy to see large groups from all over working to bring one stable solution rather than everyone hurriedly building their own ducttape-and-bubblegum solutions behind closed doors, thinking ‘not showing anyone how it works’ is a valid security measure. If the premise of your security is not letting anyone know your fence is made of paper, I think you need to rethink your strategy. As a lot of companies have found out in the past year; Sony, Apple, Microsoft, FBI, NSA, WINZ…

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