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Gartner reports global software market grew 4.8 percent in 2013.

“The software market has been changing shape over the past five years, and the cloud is driving the bulk of this change as software vendors acquire and provide applications and infrastructure technology to support the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) movement,” said Joanne Correia, research vice president at Gartner. “A clear indicator of this is that for the first time we have a pure cloud vendor in the top 10.”

As you’d expect Microsoft remains top dog in the software business. The company’s software revenues were up six percent beating the rest of the market. This success underlines Microsoft’s need to stay focused on software while Gartner’s comments about the shift to cloud computing suggest recent moves such as delivering Office for the iPad are all part of keeping that momentum going.

After spending years running neck and neck with IBM, Oracle is now clearly in second place. Big data, the interest in anything cloud-related and booming database sales mean it is likely to stay there. Oracle’s growth isn’t spectacular, but IBM appears to be slowing.

Salesforce – the only cloud pure-play on the list – has moved into the tenth position. It is the fastest growing software company putting on 33 percent last year.

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