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Disrupting WhatsApp worries mobile operators

From Mauricio Freitas at Geekzone: Disrupting WhatsApp worries mobile operators.

In telecommunications industry-speak WhatsApp is an over-the-top service. The term refers to the way it replaces a traditional source of revenue.

As Freitas points out, it means mobile companies sell more data, but the margins per message can be thousands of times smaller than the money earnt from SMS messages or voice calls.



3 thoughts on “Disrupting WhatsApp worries mobile operators

  1. Is this really an issue in NZ? Most telcos here are giving away thousands, or unlimited, text bundles for free to customers.

  2. Yeah, it’s only an issue if telcos make it an issue; like Internet streaming – if it is hurting you you are doing something wrong not the other way around.

    TV, telcos and (maybe?) print media have had it cushy for a while and they don’t wanna give up those unfair margins they’ve been able to exploit for big executive bonuses for years.

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