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Google smart watch barely compatible with Android

Thinking of buying one of Google's fancy new smart watches? If you are, be prepared to splash out on a new Android phone as well.

According to Tech Crunch Less than one in four Android phones work with Google’s new smart watches.

Can you imagine Apple launching a new device that could only work with a tiny fraction of iPhones?

Geeks may not care, but the rest of us will

This is why it is wise to be lukewarm about Android. Geeks might not have a problem with the inconsistencies and incompatibilities that plague planet Android.

For everyone else it's just hard work.

It's also why you need to be wary of smart watches. They are still ugly, physically clumsy and offer little functionality. All those things may yet change, but for now they are bleeding edge technology.

If you really want a smart watch, it might be a good idea and wait to see what Apple manages to cook up.