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Bill Bennett


IDC thinks ANZ is a nation

The headline on IDC’s press release is worrying: ANZ named as a top nation in IDC Asia/Pacific’s IoT Readiness Index 2017.

Put aside for a moment the political insensitivity. The disturbing thing here is that IDC is in the business of selling information about technologies and technology companies. It’s a research organisation.

Reports cost a small fortune. Often thousands of dollars.

If IDC can make the mistake of lumping two sovereign states into one, what does that say about the validity of the expensive information it wants to sell? Is everything it sends out as sloppy?

Moreover, how did this get through the internal approvals process? That process should not just take accuracy into account, but also the political sensitivity.

On the surface it is not a terrible mistake. And anyway, many people in the technology industry, particularly those in the USA treat Australia and New Zealand as a single market. But a market is not a nation. Even a single market. Has anyone at IDC looked at Europe lately?

Beneath the surface the error is worse than it looks. Australia and New Zealand are different when it comes to the Internet of Things readiness. We may well both be at roughly the same overall level, but the landscape is distinct.



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