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People often ask where I see technology going in the short term. Here’s my vision:

Two years from now you’ll struggle to find much personal computer software that runs on your desktop computer as opposed to running cloud-style on a remote server. This will be as true for the applications you use to get your work done and the more personal software you use at home.

Buying a software licence will become increasingly rare. Instead you’ll be paying monthly or annual subscriptions.

While you might keep back-ups on a drive somewhere at home, increasingly your personal data will sit somewhere in the cloud. The good news is you’ll be able to get at it whenever you want, from where-ever you happen to be and using whatever device happens to be closest to hand.

Your collection of cloud services will become as important as the devices you currently use to store information, music, photos, movies and anything else that can be turned into digital data.

You won’t care what operating system you use – it will move further into the background. Prepare to spend more of your time in the browser or simple, focused apps.

If you think business computing has already consumerised, think again. Soon it will be impossible to distinguish between the hardware used for work and leisure. And software will go the same way.

Instead of swapping from one kind of device to another when you change out of your work clothes after a day on the job, you simply use a different set of cloud services. Or possibly, in some cases a different account on the same set of services.

2 thoughts on “If you’re not already using a personal cloud, you soon will be

  1. I agree!

    I tried a different path to the same vision: Applications, Data, or Access? (dead link).

    The consumerization of enterprise applications has definitely begun, but it will be interesting to watch the acceptance from CIOs (they may not have much choice).

    One good benchmark (I think) will be the response to an upcoming public offering of one Sydney-based enterprise application company.

    • Yes, we’re on the same song sheet even if we’re not both singing the same tune. I certainly think data is becoming more important than the device, OS or application.

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