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You can’t blame the NZ Herald for trying. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a free trial subscription to the paper’s print edition. Each morning a copy arrives in our letterbox before breakfast.

As the paper’s headline writers might say: the Herald is a blast from the past.

For most of my life, I’ve had a daily newspaper – for most of my adult life I’ve worked on daily newspapers, that’s another story.

We got out of the daily paper habit after moving back to Auckland. One reason is we get our news online. Another reason is the NZ Herald is, well, not a great paper. Not awful, just not great.

In Australia, we had the Sydney Morning Herald and either The Australian or The Financial Review. In Wellington, we had the pre-merger Dominion. In London, it was The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. All of them packed with good reading material.

My free trial subscription to the print edition of the NZ Herald ends today. I won’t renew.

There are good journalists working for the NZ Herald. But not enough interesting, readable material to make it worth paying for.

We found we like the weekday paper more than the weekend editions. Whatever the Herald says, the paper has moved downmarket since moving to a tabloid format (for some reason the Herald is keen to describe its size as ‘compact’ and not tabloid). There’s too much celebrity nonsense, a lot of silly filler material and not enough serious news. Sadly there’s little intelligent comment.

I can read the world’s best papers, the ones I named above, plus the New York Times online each day. Better still I can get the best stuff from the NZ Herald free on my iPad.

Would I pay for an iPad subscription? That depends on the price. Anything more than $100 a year would be too much.