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My Livescribe Pulse grabbed great quotes at the Tuanz Telecommunications Day in Wellington. And it served me well at the Ultra-Fast Broadband press conference in Auckland.

Livescribe pens are the ideal journalist’s tool for conferences and press conferences. The microphone records speech while I make basic handwritten notes which the Myscript software converts into computer text. Meanwhile I can focus on what’s being said and worry less about capturing the information.

I’ve been using my Livescribe Pulse for over a year – mainly with great success.

However, on both recent occasions I failed to record on-the-hoof interviews with key people. That’s because I forgot to begin recording when I started writing notes.

Journalism doesn’t always happen on schedule. My instinct is to start taking notes the moment people say interesting things, I haven’t yet learnt to automatically hit the record button on the Livescribe paper.