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Apple MacBook 2015

Apple’s newest laptop upstaged the Watch during this week’s announcement.

The MacBook is thinner and lighter than the already skinny MacBook Air. It has a 12-inch display with the same high-resolution Retina display found on flagship MacBook Pros.

There’s just one port and that mainly works as a fast battery charger. There’s a new keyboard design and you can choose from three iPhone-like colours.

Best of all you can buy the MacBook in New Zealand for $2000.

Exciting MacBook

The new MacBook is hands down the most exciting new computer in recent years.

There are possible flaws. Reviewers who got early looks report the keyboard takes a little getting used to. There are question marks over the Touch Force feature on the redesigned Touchpad.

And some geeks complain the computer isn’t powerful enough. As Owen Williams notes, that’s missing the point.

Geeks have never loved Apple. They wouldn’t love the MacBook. The rest of us will.

Journalists need a device we can carry all day more than we need to number-crunch the data coming out of the Large Hadron Collider. There are lots more people who prize, compact, light and long times between battery recharges over raw power. That’s why I chose the MacBook Air.

As for ports, who needs ’em?

Living on a cloud

Not me. Not even for back-ups. Most of my back-ups live in the cloud.

By chance, there’s an external drive plugged into my Apple laptop’s USB port as I write this. It’s busy making a secondary Time Machine back-up.

Plugging drives in ports is handy, but not necessary, The main back-up sits on a network drive connected to a wireless router. I’ve also got a Seagate Wireless Plus drive which would be just fine with a one port computer.

The only other time I use the USB ports on my MacBook is when my iPhone battery is running low and I’m too lazy to hunt for the wall charger. That’ll have to stop.

What Watch?

What about that Apple Watch?

The first crop of so-called smart watches do nothing for me. They don’t have features I need. I’m happy to go on living without another device that needs charging every night.

Apple’s Watch is more interesting than what has gone before, but we are a generation or more from a computer watch being as compelling a buy as a smart phone or a tablet. And I’m the kind of person who sported a digital watch with a built-in calculator at the end of the 1970s.

So I’ll let the geeks and hardcore gadget fans get excited about the watches. Meanwhile I’m working on a business case to replace my MacBook Air with a new MacBook.

4 thoughts on “Macbook more interesting than Apple Watch

  1. I am a geek and I love my MacBook Air. I am now suffering a tad of buyers remorse over my fairly recent MacBook Air wishing I had waited but I knew it had to happen.

    I am undecided on the watch. I find it hard to justify the cost. I was hoping for an announcement of iPhone 6s or even a 7. My old iPhone4 is really starting to feel it’s age (slooooooww).

  2. The Apple Watch (and other smartwatches) are trying to actualise a whole new class of device.

    The new Macbook, while very nice, is really just a small iterative development on the Macbook Air and other ultralightweight laptops. I don’t think “interesting” is the right word.

  3. There were rumours of a 12 inch ipad coming, is this it? A far better solution with the ability to run OS X apps meaning more power than iOS, yet greater ease of use. I’m with you Bill.

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