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My back of an envelope calculation suggests Microsoft will sell its Surface tablet in New Zealand at prices close to Apple’s iPad range.

While Microsoft hasn’t announced New Zealand prices, a report on Lifehacker says the 32GB Windows RT Surface tablet will sell in Australia for A$559 including GST. The price doesn’t include a cover.

Given today’s exchange rate and allowing for the difference between Australia’s 10% GST compared with 15% in New Zealand that comes to roughly NZ$730, the price of a 16GB iPad.

That’s a good price, especially considering it includes a tablet version of Microsoft Office. Mind you at A$150 the Type Cover (keyboard and cover combined) is a little steep.

Would you pay NZ$730 for a Microsoft tablet?


6 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface tablet matches iPad price

  1. You have to admire Microsoft’s efforts to try and catch up and stay relevant. Surface does look genuinely innovative and the music service they announced yesterday sounds very compelling.

    Still, in a market where there’s now plenty of other credible options, I won’t be giving them another chance. They’ve cost me way to many hours of frustration over the years by pushing out 2nd rate products and adopting a ‘you’ll take what you’re given’ attitude. Too little, too late.

    • I’ve certainly had my share of Microsoft moments including at least one incident that made me want to crucify Bill Gates. But that was then.

      What’s brilliant is Microsoft has come down from its lofty monopoly position and now has to fight for survival by delivering great technology. We’re seeing some real competition in the market. Surface will light a fire under Apple and Google. Hopefully they’ll respond with yet more innovation.

      I haven’t decided if I’m going to buy a Surface yet, I’ve yet to fully explore the iPad’s capability. I am excited by the possibilities.

      • Hi Bill
        Please could you help me out with WHAT to do in the iPad…Tablet department.
        I have a iPad 64gb wifi 3G…..I am using it mainly for reading blogs, online magz ect but what my problem is that it does not have Adobe Flash Player.
        I am now thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface, as then i can also use usb’s and even type my recipes on Word, put my photo’s on…..
        What would you suggest to a person that’s planning to buy a ipad or tablet – if you do not have any computer at all?
        Thanking you in advance for your reply!

        • In the long term Flash is dying out. It may hang around in some places for a long time yet, but it’s importance is decreasing. Each month less sites depend on it. That’s likely to speed up over time. So, if you’re thinking long-term, don’t worry about Flash.

          Putting that aside, there are ways to view Flash on an iPad. See this post at Apple’s support site for some ideas: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4301881?start=0&tstart=0

          Otherwise, you can buy a Microsoft Surface or even an Android tablet. It’s too early to say which would be suit your needs. One thing I would do is make sure someone in a shop demonstrates the Flash sites you like to visit most on a device before parting with any cash.

  2. I agree Bill, even though I’m a mac fan boy from way back, we don’t want to see a monopoly in the pad space that we had in the desk top space. So I hope Microsoft can compete, I have my doubts though. MS has missed so many busses in the last decade that one has to doubt their ability to catch up with this one.
    I would suggest that the biggest problem is their reluctance to move past windows. When the PC era dawned no one tried to shoe horn a mainframe in to the PC form factor. It was realised that what you did with a desktop device was fundamentally different to what you did on big iron. This had nothing to do with power it was to do with the relationship between the user and the device.
    The post PC device requires the same thinking like IBM before them MS does not seem able to realise that this is different usage mode. The PC was a device for creating data either text, graphics or spreadsheets. The post PC device is principly a device for consuming data. No doubt some people will use a tablet to create, same as some people used PCs as data centres but for the most part the tablet apps are little more than browsers and that is all you need.
    A tablet OS needs to do little more than host custom browsers. That was probably apples stroke of genius.
    Unless MS abandons their kitchen sink approach to tablets then their efforts are doomed

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