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After the Deadline tidies your writing. It checks spellings. It offers advice on grammar and usage.

Some of its advice is interesting. For example, the software flags motivation as a cliché.

While a lot of writing about motivation is clichéd, the word isn’t a cliché when used in a business or management context.

Or am I wrong?

4 thoughts on “Is motivation a cliché?

  1. Perhaps the perception that it’s a cliché is attached to the overuse of that favourite line of actors: “What’s my motivation?”

    (Incidentally, it’s interesting to see you using “cliché” with the accent, also my preferred style. In my opinion, résumé requires accents to prevent you from reading it as resume. Cliché, arguably, is less likely to be misread.)

  2. Like you I feel it’s a reference to the word used in another context. I’m not sure what context. Acting could be it.

    For years I struggled to find accents on the computer keyboard – they were easy on an old-school typewriter.

    This new error-checking software finds missing accents for me. It’s easier to click the blue underlined words than to hunt around for obscure key combinations. I’ll probably go to editor hell for being so lazy about this.

  3. Oh. And I haven’t found a way to put accents in WordPress headlines – they often get mangled and appear on page as weird code strings.

  4. Yes, the same thing happens in Blogger. Less stressful to leave them out. I’ve got enough grey hairs as it is – so Editor Hell for me, too. Or are we already in it? It’s the internet…

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