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Bill Bennett


Talking Moto X, Whangarei UFB, Alibaba on TV3

Motorola Moto XThis morning I was on TV3 Firstline talking about the Motorola Moto X which I tested over Easter. For a moment I thought my demonstration of the voice activation wasn’t going to work, but the phone got there in the end.

When I played back the video to check it before posting, the phone heard me talking, fired up and gave me a fresh weather forecast. The Moto X is quickly becoming my favourite Android phone. These demonstrations are always nerve-wracking on live television.

I also talked briefly about NorthPower finishing its UFB fibre build in Whangarei and about New Zealand exporters using China’s Alibaba website to reach 300 million consumers.

Moto X undercuts pricey iPhone, S5 – Story – Technology – 3 News.



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