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Nokia Lumia 930 – Microsoft’s flagship phone

Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia made great phones.

Like everyone else, the Finnish company lost the plot when Apple’s iPhone arrived disrupting the mobile market.

Now Nokia is Microsoft-owned. It is back making excellent handsets.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the company’s first big launch since Microsoft bought the company. It is an LTE version of the Lumia 929 — that phone is only sold in the US.

With a five-inch display and a battery that can give 15 hours of talk time, it looks like a worthy flagship.

So far I’ve not heard anything official on when or if the Lumia 930 is coming to New Zealand. However, a report on Geekzone says Vodafone will have an exclusive on the 930.

Nokia Lumia 930 coming soon

Vodafone has a teaser for the Lumia 930 on its coming soon page.

It goes on sale in Australia later this month and that means it is likely to turn up here too.

Some parallel importers are already bringing it into the country. It sells for a shade over $1000.

Windows Phone devices have been slow to take off, although they are more popular in New Zealand than in the US so the Lumia 930 could make a splash here.

Windows Phone is an excellent operating system. It integrates beautifully with the rest of Microsoft’s technology. If you work with Word or Excel, rely on OneNote or spend a lot of time with OneDrive this would be your best option.



5 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 930 – Microsoft’s flagship phone

  1. There’s no sign of the Lumia 930 on Telecom NZ’s site and Vodafone’s ad describes it as an ‘exclusive’. Some phone exclusives are for a limited time only, so that might be worth checking.

  2. Windows phone lovers (like me) will be greatly discombobulated should Telecom decide not to bring in the Lumia 930. It would make me seriously consider severing my 36 year association with Telecom and look at the Vodofone options, which I might add, are not all that bad either.

    1. That loyalty is about to be tested anyway when Telecom rebrands as Spark. A ‘fresh beginning’ for the chant could be the end of an era for some customers. A few may even be bewildered by the name change.

  3. I just discovered this phone via Mobicity… damn it looks gorgeous. If I had the money I would buy one. My Nexus 4 is not a good phone.

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