Apple iPhone 5s

Want a shiny new iPhone 5S without paying more than $1000 up front? The simple answer is to get the phone on a plan. Vodafone and Telecom NZ offer an array of plans. I’ve listed them below in an interactive spreadsheet so you can quickly get to the data – and price – you want.

Buying a plan on a contract may be relatively painless, but you’ll end up paying more. Things can get expensive if you decide to upgrade before the contract period is up. I don’t recommend committing to a long contract if you suspect you’ll change your mind.

And I don’t recommend committing to a carrier unless you know reception works well where you live and work. Nothing is worse than knowing you can’t change for another 18 months when you can’t make voice calls from your house.

Buying outright

If you buy an iPhone outright from the NZ Apple Store, the 16 GB model costs $1049, 32 GB is $1199 and 64 GB is $1349. Apple makes the lowest margin on the 16 GB model. The price of extra storage is fairly hefty on a per GB basis. On the other hand, you’ll quickly get frustrated if you don’t buy enough storage.

You can reduce the pain by carefully using cloud services. Apple’s iCloud gives just 5 GB for free. That’s stingy by most cloud standards and extra storage is expensive compared to other cloud services. On the other hand, it works well with an iPhone. Telecom NZ users can stretch data further with up to 1 GB a day of data from Wi-Fi hotspots.

Notes on the table

  1. All the plans in this table offer unlimited text messages, subject to fair use provisions. In practice hardly anyone ever hits those limits.
  2. All the plans in this table are for 24-month terms. If the carriers have 12-month plans, they’re well hidden.
  3. If you go over your plan data caps there are options to buy more data. Both Telecom NZ and Vodafone charge 20 cents per megabyte as a casual rate when you bust your cap.
  4. Vodafone’s unlimited minutes – also subject to fair use rules – applies to New Zealand and Australia.


CarrierPhoneUpfrontMonthlyMinutesData GBTotal cost
TelecomiPhone 5S 16 GB849493001.002025
TelecomiPhone 5S 16 GB649695001.252305
TelecomiPhone 5S 16 GB449997001.502825
TelecomiPhone 5S 16 GB0139unlimited3.003336
TelecomiPhone 5S 32 GB999493001.002175
TelecomiPhone 5S 32 GB799695001.252455
TelecomiPhone 5S 32 GB599997001.502975
TelecomiPhone 5S 32 GB199139unlimited3.003535
TelecomiPhone 5S 64 GB1149493001.002325
TelecomiPhone 5S 64 GB949695001.252605
TelecomiPhone 5S 64 GB749997001.503125
TelecomiPhone 5S 64 GB349139unlimited3.003685
VodafoneiPhone 5S 16 GB0129unlimited ANZ2.503096
VodafoneiPhone 5S 16 GB34999unlimited ANZ1.502725
VodafoneiPhone 5S 32 GB149129unlimited ANZ2.503245
VodafoneiPhone 5S 32 GB49999unlimited ANZ1.502875
VodafoneiPhone 5S 64 GB299129unlimited ANZ2.503395
VodafoneiPhone 5S 64 GB64999unlimited ANZ1.503025
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB0119unlimited ANZ2.502856
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB149119unlimited ANZ2.503005
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB299119unlimited ANZ2.503155
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB949292000.51645
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB1099292000.51795
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB1249292000.51945
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB799393001.001735
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB9493930011885
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB1099393001.002035
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB699494001.251875
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB849494001.252025
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB999494001.252175
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB499696001.252155
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB649696001.252305
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB799696001.252455
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB24989unlimited ANZ1.502385
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB84989unlimited ANZ1.502985
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB99989unlimited ANZ1.503135
2degreesiPhone 5S 16 GB0149unlimited ANZ3.503576
2degreesiPhone 5S 32 GB149149unlimited ANZ3.503725
2degreesiPhone 5S 64 GB299149unlimited ANZ3.503875