Flat pricing - the way it should be for cloud delivered software
Flat pricing – the way it should be for cloud delivered software

Hat’s off to Google for selling its Google Apps for Business at one flat, global price. The basic software costs US$5 per user per month or US$50 a year. There’s no price discrimination against customers in New Zealand or anywhere else – unlike with other software companies.

Making overseas users pay more doesn’t make sense when companies serve software internationally from huge datacentres. Customers everywhere get much the same experience so they should pay the same price.

I’ve been critical of Google in recent days, but the company deserves credit for treating New Zealand customers with respect – at least as far as prices go.

One thought on “Price gouge tick for Google

  1. Whenever I see online stuff for a price I always think ‘and how much is that going to cost on my Internet bill?’
    Things like games selling for $80 online, it’s cheaper to drive into The Warehouse and buy it for $95. Things like online radio subscriptions can go through ridiculous amounts of data (If you stream it while you work you’re looking at 24GB a week. A week. There goes the ‘same low $5/mo’…

    Back on topic, yeah it doesn’t make sense to charge more for crossing boundaries when they don’t do anything to make it happen. TPP is trying to get that legalised and established at an ISP level. (Visiting a .com.au will cost you more per MB than a .co.nz).

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