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RNZ goes inside the anti-5G movement


Susan Strongman interviews 5G opponents for the RNZ web site. It’s an interesting read on a number of levels.

RNZ goes inside the anti-5G movement

There’s no evidence that radio signals cause cancer. Radio waves are non-ionising radiation. In unscientific language that means it doesn’t mess with your body’s cells.

Radio waves can have a heating effect. That’s how microwave ovens work. Yet the doses for wireless technologies are far too low to have an effect.

It might be different if you put your head in front of a microwave transmitter, but the local cell tower isn’t hurting you.

If those arguments don’t convince you, then look at it from the other way around: if mobile phones did cause health problems, where is the epidemic?

There are an awful lot of radio waves. Start with broadcast TV and radio. Then mobile phones. Nearly everyone in the world uses mobile phones. On top of that most homes have wi-fi routers and devices along with Bluetooth and other things.

It’s been this way for 30 years. If radio waves were harmful, by now our hospitals would be packed with queues of sick people.

That said, it’s good to see people ask questions. We shouldn’t shut down debate on the subject. It would be easy to dismiss anti-5G campaigners as cranks, not so long ago people thought that about campaigners who objected to tobacco.



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