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Bill Bennett


Samsung profits fall as iPhone trumps Galaxy

Samsung makes beautiful hardware and sells more phones than any other company. All it needs to do now is to figure out how to make the business profitable.

The company posted its biggest drop in quarterly profit since  2009. According to Bloomberg, that happened despite selling more phones because the average selling price was lower and the company needed to spend more on marketing.

Bloomberg’s report suggests Samsung lost its edge to Apple when the company started selling larger screen iPhones. It was an area where Samsung previously dominated. The company says it will soon launch new models, including the Galaxy Note 4, to help it compete.


Sure that will help, but only a little. The Note 4 is unlikely to be more than an incremental update to the company’s large format phone. Samsung needs more than that to compete with the iPhone.

Apart from anything else it needs to simplify its sales message. The last two Samsung product launches I’ve endured — and that word only goes part way to describe the full horror — have been a confused mess with complex, unclear signals and focus on dull apps or content-bundling deals that only apply in certain markets.

Frankly Samsung would do better by dumping all the bloatware loaded on its products, dropping the software overlays and using the money saved to cut prices. Its phones could do with better cameras and improved battery life. It either needs to cut free from Google’s Android operating system or embrace it more enthusiastically.



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