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How smart PR people think

Trevor Young's  8 Things I'd Do If I Was a Starting Out in PR Today is a road-map for junior public relations professionals.

It should be cut out and pinned beside every agency or in-house desk. Actually it shouldn't. That's old school thinking. It should be downloaded and stored on every PR person's iPad or phone.

Young writes:

SIX – I would read every newspaper I could get my hands on, hang out at the newsagent and flick through as many magazines as humanly possible (without getting sprung!); read newsletters, swap radio stations, check out the array of cable TV channels on offer.

Traditional media is not going away any time soon; if you can 'join the dots' between traditional and social media, you will become a lot more valuable to your employer!

The advice applies to everyone, but journalists and PR people not reading everything in this way are in the wrong job.