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Printer sales down 20 per cent on supply chain woes

Printer sales down 20 per cent on supply chain woes
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IDC reports manufacturing constraints and logistical issues are behind a 20.4 per cent drop in printer sales in the third quarter of 2021.

Strictly speaking IDC was reporting on the drop in sales of ‘hardcopy peripherals’. The category covers inkjets, lasers, copiers and multi-function devices.

Researchers says the printer brands struggled to fulfil orders.

These weren’t the only problems. IDC says the value of shipments dropped 11 per cent over the quarter.

Canon fared worst

Canon was the biggest loser. It saw a year on year drop of almost 40 per cent (39.2 per cent). Canon slipped from second place to third place behind HP and Epson.

Things were tough at HP which saw sales fall by a quarter (26.1 per cent). The company continues to dominate the sector with a 40 per cent market share down from 44 per cent a year ago.

Epson and Kyocera did best. Both managed to grow. Epson continued its expansion in the ink tank market, a strategy that has worked for the Japanese company.

Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Market, Unit Shipments, Company Share, and Year-Over-Year Growth, Q3 2021 (based on unit shipments)
Company 3Q21 Unit Shipments 3Q21 Market Share 3Q20 Unit Shipments 3Q20 Market Share 3Q21/3Q20 Growth
1. HP Inc. 8,566,573 40.9% 11,599,535 44.1% -26.1%
2. Epson 4,185,089 20.0% 4,148,915 15.8% +0.9%
3. Canon Group 3,394,474 16.2% 5,585,494 21.2% -39.2%
4. Brother 1,858,015 8.9% 1,933,249 7.3% -3.9%
5. Kyocera Group 446,849 2.1% 407,136 1.5% +9.8%
Others 2,497,196 11.9% 2,655,732 10.1% -6.0%
Total 20,948,196 100.0% 26,330,061 100.0% -20.4%
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, November 11, 2021