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The smartest spin doctors are those who always tell the truth.

Public relations types and other communicators can’t afford to be known as professional liars. They don’t have to.

First class propagandists tell the truth. They tell the truth in such a way the people receiving the message have no idea they are listening to anything but facts. That’s because they’re not.

Skilled propagandists simply serve up selected truths designed to further their goals.

Public relations people need to remember truth is especially important when dealing with the press.

Journalists are automatically on guard when speaking to communications professionals. We expect untruths and misdirection. Mistrust is part of our training.

If we spot a lie, we’re going to mistrust everything else from the same source. And the liar will find it hard to be taken seriously in future.

When we talk among ourselves, journalists often tell each other this PR professional or that politician is a liar: a reputation no-one wants.

One thought on “Truth is the best spin

  1. Totally agree with your sentiments. I spent some years in corporate PR and absolutely stuck to telling the truth. Well…a couple of times it wasn’t quite the truth, but on both occasions I had been fed a line by senior management.

    Early in my career I worked for Tourist & Publicity Dept’s Information and Press Section and one of my nightmare scenarios was being obliged to tell lies if NZ got involved in a serious war. I would have resigned.

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