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New Zealanders think the government should take responsibility for data collected by mobile apps. They also think the organisations providing services such as banks and airlines should shoulder some of the task. And they think the job should go to Internet and telecommunications providers.
In short, New Zealanders think “they” should look after the data.  

These opinions are the findings of the local segment of Unisys’ international Security Index research programme which tracks attitudes to IT security issues.

Of the 500+ New Zealand adults surveyed, half think individuals are personally responsible for protecting data collected by mobile apps. Almost three-quarters said the companies providing services should carry the burden, while half think ISPs and telcos should take responsibility.

60 percent think the government should look after mobile app data security.

That’s right. New Zealanders want the same government that guards personal data so well in the WINZ kiosks and shows such high levels of technology expertise with its Novopay project to keep their mobile data safe.

What could possibly go wrong?

2 thoughts on “Mobile data security: “they” should look after it

  1. I would point out that I too, believe we should be covered by the Privacy Act or something similar.

    It does not mean I think the Government does a good job of it.

    Communication security is of course first and foremost _your_ issue. _You_ need to make sure you know what companies are doing with your data or at least what they say they are doing (finding out what they actually do can be a lot harder). While the onus starts with you, it does not end with you:
    Companies have a responsibility to hold up their end of their T&C’s/Privacy Policies.
    Government has a responsibility to hold up laws such as the Privacy Act.

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