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The OS X app is beautiful software. It’s also close to pointless.

The app is wrapped around the most recent browser version of the blogging software. That’s it.

It runs well enough, but it doesn’t do anything that you can’t do in the browser. Many of those tasks work better in the browser.

Moreover, there are some things the app doesn’t do, so you are sent back to the browser version anyway.

There are only three reasons to use the WordPress app:

  • To keep Safari or another browser set aside for non-WordPress tasks.
  • To go straight to from the Dock or Application launcher.
  • If you want to store your WordPress data locally on your Mac.

None of these are compelling:

  • and both work well in Safari. But even if you hate working that way, like it or not, there will be times when the app sends you there.
  • If you keep WordPress in your Safari bookmarks you can get there in two clicks instead of one.
  • Storing data on your local computer may help if you have a poor internet connection, otherwise, it’s rarely an issue.
  • If you feel the need to compose a post outside of the site, you could use a Markdown editor like iA Writer or Byword. iA Writer integrates well with WordPress. There are many other editors which link to the software. If you want to use an online service, you can publish to WordPress from Google Docs.

In short, there may be a  case for people who spend all day managing their sites to use the app, but for most people it’s just clutter.

There is another flaw with the app. It doesn’t appear to automatically update the display. If it does, then the updates are infrequent. And there’s no obvious refresh button to hurry updates along. This matters if, say, you want to watch the traffic roll in after a new post.

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