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Working with WordPress and iA Writer

Here’s an experiment I’ve wanted to try for a while: write a post using iA Writer and send it quickly to WordPress.

The trick is to learn the formatting commands – the next word should be in italic type and this in a bold face. Then you save the finished document to HTML. At least I think. Let’s see how this test post works.

If I can get this right, it should speed up my writing.




4 thoughts on “Working with WordPress and iA Writer

  1. Seems to have worked. But what a pain having to insert formatting commands. Like the bad old days on my Apple II Plus when I had to add formatting commands in my Applewriter and Sandys word processors. It was a relief when Appleworks came along with WYSIWYG. That was thirty years ago. Aren’t you going backwards?

    1. Agree. I wanted to give it a try, but the WordPress full screen editor is much simpler. The downside with the editor is adding crossheads, but this isn’t really an answer.

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