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There are signs that Apple isn’t attracting and retaining as many early adopters as it once did, with larger screens seeming to drag a number of users away from the brand. But with industry-leading satisfaction and loyalty rates, Apple can be confident that most iPhone users will still own one next year.

There are good reasons to stick with Apple. The software is mature. iPhone’s integration with Apple’s other products and iCloud is strong. The hardware is still better than any competitor. It’s an all round better experience than Android.

And yet a four-inch display is no longer the ideal. While it’s fine for looking at images and even watching video, there are times when text renders too small and screens are hard to read.

I like the size of the iPhone in my pocket. I love being able to control everything one-handed – that’s difficult with larger screens. But too often I find myself bookmarking pages to read later on a bigger screen.


One thought on “Apple users loyal but bigger screens tempt

  1. I recently turned my original Galaxy S on with its 4″ screen and it seemed unusably small. I have gotten used to my near 5″ Nexus 4.
    I’ve never used my phone one-handed – being left-handed has not afforded me that luxury.
    I think the main issue is the text and amount of information we’re trying to fit on these screens now that they come with resolutions (and processors) that rival what your laptop would do a few years ago (or now, even). Whereas a mobile app used to be very minimal nowadays things are getting trickier and fancier as more interaction methods are seen as ‘standard’ (pinch-to-zoom, long tap, double tap, pull down to refresh, etc).

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