In the last hour I checked the size of the front page of six news web sites using Here are the results:

So you can read the Radio New Zealand News page 200 times and still download less data than a single read of Stuff.

While these numbers may not be important if you’ve got broadband and an unlimited download plan, they make a huge difference when you are on the end of a slow link or paying through the nose for each megabyte of data.

None of the sites attempted to show one of those awful TV style advertisements during this test. I hate to think what they might add to the totals.

Update: The National Business Review weighs in at 398Kb.

2 thoughts on “Fairfax’s bloated, overweight Stuff

  1. While it might be a big snide to point out that Radio NZ doesn’t have to worry about video, I do think that as a government organisation they take accessibility (beyond vision impairment) seriously. I suspect they’re well aware that there are still Kiwis on dial up connections or (even more) expensive broadband out in the provinces!

  2. Good point. I should also mention the cost of viewing hefty web pages over mobile broadband. When I’m out with a laptop – or even my iPad, the cost of reading a few Stuff pages is higher than buying the printed newspaper.

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