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How Feedly fills Google Reader RSS gap

RSS reader Feedly has made a determined bid to pick up displaced Google Reader users. It shows them how to make the site look more like Google’s RSS reader.

Feedly was one of the first sites Google Reader users turned to when the search giant announced it was closing its RSS reader. On Friday the company’s blog announced more than 500,000 Google Reader users had moved to the alternative site.

My first impression of Feedly was that it has potential, but the user interface is far too pretty for the rapid ploughing through dozens of feeds that is an important part of my work. I didn’t need another Flipboard-style interface. I already have Flipboard for that.

At the time I wasn’t aware Feedly could display material in the simple text-only format shown above. There’s a post at the blog explaining how to get the more condensed look along with other tips to make the service more useful.

It looks like Feedly will suit my needs. What about you, have you found a practical way to read RSS feeds after Google pulls the plug?