A problem with Feedly

Google Reader was the best way to read RSS feeds. It still is. But not for long. Google plans to close the service on July 1.

One of the best things about Google Reader is that it is web-based. You can use it in any browser on any device. It would sync my feeds, keep track of read or unread messages and remember starred items across my phones, tablets and computers.

Feedly is a nice alternative on the desktop. It works even better on my iPad. There’s no version for Windows Phone 8 or Blackberry, which means I can’t sync RSS across my devices.

NextGen reader is great on the Windows Phone, but not so good on desktop Windows – it’s a Metro app – and non-existent on the iPad.

By Bill Bennett

Not actually a geek, more a chronicler of geekdom. Still mainly a journalist, sometimes a blogger.

3 replies on “A problem with Feedly”

I’ve never liked Google Reader, but it has been a useful subscription base. Other apps take (soon to be took) feeds from my Google Reader account and re-present them in much nicer formats – such as River of News on my iPad and Taptu and Currents on my Android devices.

Granted, these are apps rather than browser-based, but I don’t want to read RSS feeds on a standard computer any more.

I have the Feedly app, but it doesn’t float my boat.

I haven’t been using Google Reader that much either. I so much prefer apps like NOOWIT that can give you personalised news with a good user interface design.

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