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Bill Bennett


Mozilla offers promising contact manager

Developers have neglected personal contact management in recent years. Microsoft Outlook still dominates, Google has never had a serious offering.

Now Mozilla has entered the fray with Contacts, a Firefox contact management plug-in.

It’s still at version 0.1, not even a beta at this stage. Which means Contacts is clunky and could cause crashes or other problems. Mozilla recommends you don’t use it with your normal Firefox profile.

The still-unfinished software promises to pull all your contacts together from a variety of sources. There are importers for:

  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Gravatar Avatar Images and
  • Native address book (on your computer)

The first three worked on my system. The Gmail importer works when you log into Google . The Twitter importer needs a Twitter password stored in your Firefox password list. The first two work almost instantly, the Gravatar importer takes a few minutes.

At this stage, the contact list isn’t much better than Gmail’s and I found many duplicates and unidentified contacts in my list.

Eventually, Mozilla contacts will allow you to auto-complete names and email addresses when filling on web forms.

For now, it has limited functionality, but there’s potential here. I’m particularly impressed with the data portability – keeping one set of contacts on my desktop and laptop.




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