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How to blog like an old school journalist: Wordcamp

On Saturday I gave a presentation to WordCamp Auckland 2014: How to blog like an old school journalist. Here’s a link to my slides. You can open it full-screen:


Blogging isn’t the same as old-school journalism. It’s less about recording facts and more about ideas or experiences. Blgging has influenced modern journalism — the lines between the two forms of writing are blurring. Yet there are still lessons worth learning from the old way of doing things.

Much of the material is a shortened form of posts elsewhere on this site. You might like to explore the following:



2 thoughts on “How to blog like an old school journalist: Wordcamp

  1. Great advice. I went to your separate writing tip posts as well and we’re on the same wavelength.

    I recently finished editing and publishing a hefty book that combined technical and business subjects. It had several authors, most of them PhDs with egos to match. I was tough on their text and had to explain why, sometimes at length. These people thought they knew it all because they’d spent their working lives writing proposals and reports. There were nine authors, so I had to do a lot of explaining and convincing. What a bore. Some of your explanations were better than mine – I wish I had read your posts earlier.


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