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Bill Bennett


The price of contact management software

Sachin Rekhi read Connected aims to beat Gist at contact management and asks if there’s a price I’d pay for his contact management tool.

Connected’s app is useful and simple. It is an improvement on Google’s Contacts application. Yet it isn’t worth the US$10 a month asking price.

Rekhi sensibly turns this around asking what would I pay for Connected?

On one level it’s a question of the free, but flawed, Google Contacts versus US$120 year for the better, but still not perfect, Connected.

By my estimate Connected would cost me NZ$1 per contact manager enquiry. That’s too expensive. I can call directory enquiries and get a human to look numbers up for less.

Yet Rekhi’s question misses the point because Connected isn’t the tool I’m looking for. I don’t want incoming feeds or CRM-style features, just an easy to use address book with room for notes.

I’m a journalist. I still keep my pre-digital paper Filofax on my desk and store important contacts this way despite attempting to become a paperless journalist. Admittedly I don’t update the paper list as often as I once did.

For years Microsoft Outlook was my digital contact book. When I stopped using Outlook for email I carried on using its contact book. But Outlook isn’t installed on my new machine and synching Outlook files between machines isn’t easy.

Now Gmail handles my email. As I said earlier Google Contacts application doesn’t cut the mustard. I’ve tried text lists, Excel spreadsheets and HTML files. None is satisfactory.

My ideal would be for Google to get off its backside and reboot Contacts.



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