Canadian public relations practitioner Dave Fleet says Twitter has moved through the Gartner Hype Cycle to the point where it will quickly become unfashionable. In his  Five Potential Effects Of Twitter’s Shift To The Trough Of Disillusionment Fleet charts the technology’s progress and predicts what will happen next.

Fleet’s analysis is on the money. But there’s something else going on with Twitter. After a period of stability, the service is changing. Earlier this week the company altered the way users propagate messages – a process known as retweeting.

In other words, Twitter is still evolving. It will probably be a different beast by the time it resumes its progress through the later stages of the Garter Hype Cycle. Or maybe something else will replace it.

4 thoughts on “Twitter enters the trough of disillusionment

  1. […] Twitter enters the trough of disillusionment […]

  2. I’ve gone from excited pioneer to frustrated participant to totally disinterested.

    I can see lots of value for broadcast but this business of conversation has gone beyond anything I can make work. With everybody chasing followers then boring them with inane halves of conversations, or worse still offering to help get more followers so you can do the same.

    The whole thing is irrelevant now.

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