This is Bill Bennett’s technology news, opinion and analysis site. It looks at the subject from a New Zealand perspective and about half the stories are local in scope.

Who is Bill Bennett?

Bill Bennett is a New Zealand technology journalist. He started in 1980 as a writer on Practical Computing magazine. He left the UK in 1987 to work in Wellington on The Dominion as Computer Page editor.

He spent a decade working in Sydney, Australia. There he was managing editor of two regional editions of PC Magazine. He also wrote news, features and columns for The Australian Financial Review and The Sydney Morning Herald. On returning to New Zealand he edited and became associate publisher of New Zealand Reseller News. 

Today Bennett works as a freelance journalist. In recent months his work has appeared in The New Zealand Herald and NZ BusinessHis writing also appears on Scoop.co.nz and GeekzoneBennett is a regular on The NZ Tech Podcast and on television.

He is co-author of the best-selling Usborne Guide to the Microcomputer.

Bennett has a Physics BSc from Manchester University and remains interested in science. He lives in Auckland.

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