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Bill Bennett


Barnes and Noble claims Nook ebook success

Barnes and Noble says internal sales data shows the Nook e-reader is a hit. The company says the device is now its fastest selling item. Not bad considering the Nook doesn’t officially go on sale until November 30.

While the Nook, like Amazon’s Kindle, pushes e-book technology further into the mainstream, neither is yet the killer product able to do for books what Apple’s iPod did for music. Mind you, Apple has a tablet waiting in the wings which could be the breakthrough reader.

For my money, e-book readers still need to be kinder on the eyes. All the technology is now in place except good, readable, high-resolution screens that don’t tire the eyes. Early adopters won’t care about this, but most book lovers won’t switch to digital until the experience is as good as reading old-fashioned ink squirted on mashed-up trees.



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