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NZ Tech Podcast: Skills shortage, fibre installs, satellites

I'm on the NZ Tech Podcast this week with Paul Spain as we discuss some of the sector's biggest stories of the moment including:

  • How a single satellite going offline has impacted farmers. The incident shows how resilience isn't just about terrestial communications networks.
  • Chorus can't get all the technicians it needs to keep fibre installs up to date. And that means people in some regions have to wait weeks to get a fast broadband connection.
  • Massey University offers an amnesty for ChatGPT cheats. The issue throws up many questions and is likely to be commonplace soon if not already.
  • SpaceX Starship rocket launch and explosion. This is likely to set back the company's plans to launch dozens of low earth orbit satellites in the next couple of years.
  • India illegal tech tariffs.
  • Elon Musk plans to build a less biased AI - but what does he mean by bias in this context?
  • “Plan Anzac” trans-Tasman military intelligence and technology cooperation.
  • Merlin to trial autonomous flights for cargo planes in Alaska. The company also has trials in New Zealand.

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